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The Roundtown Conservancy is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Circleville area through the protection and enhancement of the physical environment.

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 JULY 18th, 2015

(this is the rain date)


A Message from Stephanie Sharpnack, our President.

2015 Calendar of Events

We have finally started moving forward with the restoration of the Octagon.  We have settled the lawsuit with the people who moved the Octagon and can now move forward without the constraint of a lien on the house.

On July 15, 2013, work began on the back staircase.  The work was completed the same week and is definitely a step forward.  The work was done by The Vacheresse Group who went over and beyond the work that was originally scheduled to be done.  The extra work that they completed will count towards “in kind” work that will enable us to obtain extra matching funds with the State of Ohio.  Also we received a substantial discount on the materials that were used. This was discount was provided by Sunderland’s which is a local business.

Electricity will be going into the house soon which will allow us to put in an alarm system. In the meantime we plan to have so many activities at the house that no one will have a chance to break into the house before the alarm system is set. We also have neighbors that keep an eye on the house. When we’re not there they report suspicious activities.

We would also like to have the house sealed up against the weather before winter hits. This will entail installing windows from the cupola on down and making sure the doors are sealed tight and any small holes are filled so that our neighboring critters cannot enter the house.

If you wish to stay updated on our activity please visit our calendar of activities elsewhere on the website, become a member or ask us to be placed on our e-mail list. You can contact us at the e-mail listed on our website.

2014 Calendar of Events

New e-mail address  roundtownconservancy(at)yahoo.com

November 7th, 2013 at 6:30 PM
The Octagon House.
440 Crites Rd., Circleville, OH.

Preservation does work and offers us a sense of continuity and a sense of place. The Roundtown Conservancy is dedicated the the cause of Preservation.

The Roundtown Conservancy Bicentennial Coloring Book

The coloring book will include about 30 drawings of historic buildings throughout the county with short descriptions. Pages will be one-sided for coloring and framing.

The Roundtown Conservancy always welcomes new members.

Meetings are the third Tuesday of each month. Our meeting place is located on the second floor office in the Peck block.

A Message from our President is here.

Be sure to check out the Archives for old content. We try to keep everything...

2015 Calendar of Events

The Roundtown Conservancy pooled the talents of several members to create a 2008 calendar...Read more


The new Zieger Marker has been dedicated...See the newspaper account here...

The Octagon Quilt....

On this page:

Pictorial views of Pickaway Historical Markers is a new feature of the Roundtown Conservancy web site. Be sure to visit often for updates.


Work being done on the foundation of the Octagonal house, photos here.

New photos of the Verizon™ Park.

The Herald ran a feature article May 18 citing the Circleville's historic Octagon House being named to a list of the state's most endangered historic sites. A reprint is here.

Photos of the Octagonal house on the move!

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Read the newspaper article featuring the Octagonal House from the Columbus Dispatch, Saturday, January 31, 2004.

Preparations for the Octagonal House move.


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The Roundtown Conservancy:

  • Encourages the implementation of public and private initiatives that protect significant buildings, preserve neighborhoods and furthers their rehabilitation.

  • Advocates sound planning and land use practices which establish an objective concern, through the planning process, for protection of important green spaces.

  • Fosters through special programs, an understanding of the importance of enhancing the visual environment as a means for encouraging the economic, cultural and social development of the community.

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Atwater house at Court & Pinckney
Looking south.
(Presently the courtyard in front of Verizon)

Caleb Atwater Day
An Outstanding Ceremony

An interested and enthusiastic crowd gathered on Saturday morning, August 23 to pay tribute to Caleb Atwater, "Father of Ohio's Public Schools." A minister, lawyer, author and Ohio legislator, Atwater also helped to encourage the Ohio-Erie Canal System. The day was bright and fair. Children and teenagers from the high school band, the grade school chorus and the scouts took part. Roundtown Conservancy wishes to thank Ty Ankrom, Circleville School Superintendent; Mayor Ron Wunsch, Carmelita Boyer and Ula Jean Metzler, Bicentennial chairpersons, as well as Louis McFarland and his crew, Jack Pontious, Nelson Embrey, Mike Pratt. Local organizations who helped were Fitzpatrick's Printery, Wittich's Candy Store, the Elks, and Michael E. Clark and Associates. Thank you all for a splendid dedication ceremony, which several have called "outstanding."

Many Photographs of the "Caleb Atwater Day" celebration are here.

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Please stop by the Welcome Center when you visit Circleville
Lots of information here:

See the lovely planter in the Verizon-Atwater Plaza here.

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